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Diabetes Melllitus Type II Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Diabetes Melllitus subject II - Research Paper ExampleThe Indian physician Sushruta in 400 B.C. described the sweet taste of peeing from individuals affected with a disease called sugar. Around 250 B.C., the name diabetes was first used, meaning in Greek to siphon, reflecting the marked polyuria and loss of water in diabetes. The complete term diabetes mellitus was coined in 1674 by Thomas Willis, personal physician to King Charles II. Gradually the latin word for honey, mellitus was added due to its link with sweet urine (Settley, 1996).Diabetes mellitus is a heterogeneous clinical disorder with two major classifications primary and secondary. Secondary diabetes is a condition when hyperglycemia (diabetes) is due to the complications of another disease. As per the in vogue(p) recommendations of American Diabetes Association (2010) diabetes should be classified into four classes viz.I. Type 1 diabetes Previously known as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM), since the patie nts require exogenous insulin for survival. Type I diabetes involves -cell destruction leading to absolute deficiency of insulin. According to ADA (2010), Type 1 diabetes could be described under two sub-headings a) Immune-mediated - where the autoantibodies against -cells of pancreas destroy the islets of langerhans, b) idiopathic diabetes with no known cause of diabetes approximatelyly seen in people of African or Asian ancestry.II. Type 2 diabetes It represents 90-95% of all diabetes cases and presents with peripheral resistance to the effect of insulin or a defect in insulin processing/secretion. The disorder is also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), because insulin is not required for treatment in most of cases. It manifests at a later age (40 years) that acquires it the third name -- late or adult-onset diabetes and has a slow and silent onset. NIDDM is more commonly tack together in obese (particularly trunkal obesity) individuals and is

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Bible Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Bible - Essay ExampleDe Duve (2005) proposed that Science is based on the imply that the universe obeys natural laws and is intelligible within the framework of those laws, and this belief is commonly shared by an ever-increasing global populace encompassing both theists and atheists, natural scientists and non-scientists alike. In fact, while pseudo and legitimate religious groups grow in wide diversity from New Age to Panentheism, the Christian belief of God and the Savior system one of the most enthralling religious wonders of our time. Humbling and altogether enlightening when deeply understood.Thomas Aquinas summed up the answer for the question Why did the boy of God have to suffer for us when he wrote It can be considered in a twofold way in the first place, as a remedy for sin, and secondly, as an example of how to act.Aquinas argued that in the face of all the evils which we incur on account of our sins, we have found relief through the furore of Christ. Yet, it is no le ss an example, for the passion of Christ completely suffices to fashion our lives. Whoever wishes to live perfectly should do nothing but disdain what Christ disdained on the mystify and desire what he desired, for the cross exemplifies every virtue.He added that If you seek the example of love Greater love than this no man has, than to lay down his tone for his friends (New Testament). Such a man was Christ on the cross. And if he gave his life for us, then it should not be difficult to bear whatever hardships arise for his sake. together with the virtue of love, Aquinas cited other virtues represented on the man and the cross patience for enduring the pain, sorrow and suffering, humility for allowing himself to be judged by the angry class and Pontius Pilate, obedience to the will of His Father, and immateriality.Finney (1851) in his argument presented 24 reasons why Jesus had to suffer on the cross but this discussion shall present only those which conveys governmental underp inning as First, he reasoned, is due to Gods owing(p) and all-encompassing love quoting John (New Testament) God so loved the world, that He gave His Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have Everlasting Life (John 316). Second, His great love to the universe at large inasmuch as it was impossible that the atonement should not maintain an amazing influence over moral beings e.g., angels Third, That an infinite amount of suffering might be prevented. The relation of Christ to the universe rendered his sufferings so infinitely blue-chip and influential, as an expression of Gods abhorrence of sin on the one hand, and his great love to his subjects on the otherAs a governmental expedient it is easy to see the great value of such a substitute that on the one hand it fully extractd the determination of the ruler not to yield the authority of his law, and on the other, to evince his great and disinterested love for his rebellious subjects. In this a rgument, Finney (1851) quoted the

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Abstract Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Abstract - Essay Exampleng to the authors, combining of new and inexpensive technological methods may increase the availability of more flexible ways for dealing with the common challenges in forensic science. They, therefore, intended to present a method of 3-D laser scanning of chewed gum rig at a crime scene into a digital file format. In a bid to justify the aim of their research, they point out that the influence they used in their research project does not include any form of contact and is nondestructive thus more efficient prior to extracting DNA from the gum. The musical theme of their research is that their method, which involves generating a digital file, could be used to for dental comparison in the future in case the original chewed gum gets damaged by forensic analysis following 3-D scanning.In their research, they used an automated 3-D laser scanner that ensures a reliable, affordable, and reproducible means for scanning a 3-D object fast and at a possible resoluti on of 127 microns. They scanned a piece if chewed gum that had air dried for 24 hours by placing it on the tip of a tuberculin syringe needle, and then positioning it on the scanning stage of the laser scanner that is fully robotic. Using precise scan parameters of the laser scanner for a 360 degree scan, they used macro 0.005 inches precision, 125 seconds scan speed, and 0.005 triangle size. This process took less than three minutes given that they set the illume in color of the target surface to that of the matte finish, and the smoothing had auto-align of the eight segments on with a setting of 1.After all the procedures involved in the process had produced digital files, they were able to come up with a virtual block that showed the shape and contours of the teeth impressions just like those in the original gum. They then used a Web-based prototyping service called Shapeways to order for clear resin as well as white plastic models of the gum from their digital files. All this t ook less than 10 minutes, and they

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How Do Consumer Characteristics Influence Buying Behavior Research Paper

How Do Consumer Characteristics Influence Buying Behavior - Research Paper ExampleIt is evidently clear from the discussion that the quantity of purchase and the types of products in acquire have come across the shifting in the consumer acquire habits. On the contrary, previously marketers and organizations were able to comprehend the consumers buying behaviors and patterns through their experiences of selling the products to the consumers. However, firms and marketing conclusion makers lost direct contact with the clients with the augmentation of the market and organizations. Therefore, the consumer-buying behavior is one of the most significant aspects for the organizations in todays time to be acquainted with the buying patterns and habits of the consumers so that they can focus on their products or services to the market. Since the consumer market profoundly depends upon the buying behaviors of the customers, therefore organizations should understand the market before developi ng or designing any marketing strategies. As a result, to the constantly changing buying patterns of the consumers, consumer research has become one of the imperative methods for the marketers and enterprises where they are spending millions of dollars for the sight of consumer habits. Moreover, consumer research allows the marketers to gain more knowledge about the consumer behavior and their habits of buying a particular product or service. Furthermore, this research also makes the enterprise key and recognize the responsibility of the customer towards the overall product that includes its features, price, advertising and several others over its competitors. The research will also lead to the surveillance that consumer enormously varies in age, income, education, taste and quite a lot of other factors. In addition, the consumer characteristics that influence their purchasing habits also include elements such as cultural, social, personal, and psychological characteristics. There fore, the consumer research findings lead a great deal of assistance to the firms, as they are then able to determine the strong association between the marketing stimulus and the customer reaction.

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Shoplifting and customer satisfaction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Shoplifting and guest satisfaction - Essay ExampleShoplifting is a skillful crime that affects all retail operations. It is directly amenable for the increase in the price of goods and indirectly affects customer services. Many methods exist to reduce thievelifting, both intrusive such(prenominal) as physical checks of packages on publication and unobtrusive means, such as electronic tagging and closed circuit cameras. The two basic approaches to reducing shoplifting directly affect the customer thereby make a loss of customer satisfaction or attempt to prevent shoplifting through a systems approach to the problem wherein the fallout on the customer is minimized. The two papers selected for study analyze these issue The first is a paper by the A Small Business Development Centre (ASBDC) which deals exclusively with reducing shop lifting on the shop floor. The second paper, by the American District Telegraph (ADT) Security Systems deals not only with losses that occur at the ret ail decease of the business i.e. the shop floor, but also addresses other issues such as losses due employee theft and poor procedures, which also contribute to overall losses. either these measures are in the backdrop of ensuring that customer service should not be affected to such an extent as to affect the stores profitability. An interesting fact that emerges is that electronic tagging, the least intrusive measure, is the most effective method to reduce shoplifting losses. ... Most shoplifters are amateurs, out to make a quick buck and because easy to detect and reject. In order to implement suitable deterrent measures, it is first necessary to understand the various types of pile that go in for such crimes.Juvenile Offenders.Juveniles account for a majority of all shoplifting cases, usually as a dare or for cheap thrills. Young children feel that no one will suspect them, or if caught, will be let-off lightly on account of their youth. However, shoplifting is often the pre -cursor o other more serious forms of crime and thereof should be dealt with strictly.Impulse Shoplifters.This is often the result of a momentary loss of judgement given a suitable opportunity, however fleeting. This is the easiest to deter through simple, low cost methods, since such shoplifters are basically decent people who did not engender any pre-meditated intent to shoplift.Alcoholics, Addicts etc.Such types of people shoplift to meet their physical needs. These criminal types are possible more easier to detect, but are also more likely to turn violent if confronted and hence need to be tackled with the utmost caution.Kleptomaniacs.Such persons shoplift due to psychological reasons and can be quite devious. Often they may not even have any use for the item(s) being stolen since it is the act of stealing that satisfies them. Nevertheless, it still remains a crime and needs to be dealt with accordingly.Professionals.Usually highly skilled and hard-fought to spot, professiona ls generally look for lucrative items with re-sale value and quick turn-around. If belonging to any organized underworld groups, can be difficult to prosecute, and hence dissuasion through deterrence is

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Analytical Argument Ford Mustang Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Analytical Argument Ford Mustang - Assignment ExampleThe bold and loud design was an acknowledgment of the rebel hippy finale that was in vogue(Kleihauer). The colors of the cars are to this day a reflection of the strong American pop culture. The automakers found a creative way to incorporate the new-fashioned 60s counterculture into the rumbling machismo of the Mustang. These underlying currents are vividly visible in the verbal and visual texts regarding Ford Mustang over the years. There havent been many drastic changes in the cars design, accept a few, over the past 48 years reflecting a consistency of belief of the American culture in qualities such as Strength and Speed.The Ford Mustang came out amongst a publicity blitz with the print and the TV media ablaze with its advertisements. On Memorial Day, in the same year, a white Mustang with blue dorsal racing stripes leads the field(Mustang). It was a strong visual text for the millions of people who saw the picture of the m uscle car painted out in national colors which reflected the fascination of the Americans with strength.In the first verbal example, the Mustang is referred to as the stuff fantasys are made of. This was the first authoritative commercial of the car, but the point to ponder here is how this verbal text molds the mind of an average man into believing that a sports car is what defines his dreams. The American learning of luxury was defined by the unprecedented success of the Mustang in its initial years. It did not hold any economic significance as it was not give the axe consumption friendly nor of much domestic use. But marketers carefully targeted the youth through their verbal text b propagating the idea of independence to live the dream life of adventure and freedom.

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Why Illegal Immigration is Messing Up the United States Research Paper

Why Illegal Immigration is Messing Up the United States - Research Paper ExampleThe terra firma has in place very stringent laws governing the movement of persons through its borders. Those relocating to the boorish meet specified standards and certification by the authorities of the countrified to do so. However, there are those hell bent on resettling in the United States and would do anything to. They thus look for unwarranted means of lounge aboutting into the country without hindrance from the legal systems. Among the most common ways of constructting into the country are hiding in the ships and freight vehicles that transport goods through the countries borders. Some of the illegal immigrants get into the country legal for short visits only to refuse to leave back for their native countries. Such passel affect the country negatively in a number of ways. A stable economy caters for all those within its borders. However, some immigrants endure bad intent. These people are not welcome in the country and are always deported whenever apprehended. To avert deportation, they do not therefore seek services from the state facilities, which is practically impossible. This makes them a bother to those around them (Haines 78). The country has a number of health guidelines to be met by immigrants. Those coming into the United States undergo a number of tests and are only accorded citizenship after satisfying the testing officers. This keeps the country safe from the outbreak of such communicable diseases as yellow fever, malaria, and Human Immunodeficiency Virus among many others. However, the proliferation of the illegal immigrants goes against theses standards and end up in the country with diametrical contagious diseases. This strains the governments resources in trying to contain the spread of some of the diseases that it had previously eradicated. As explained above, illegal immigrants are not welcome in the United States of America they cannot ever find mesh in any government and private organization since they do not have any credit documents. Among the immigration laws is the requirement of all immigrants to possess at least some level of formal education in their native countries. This regulation makes it easier for such people to get employment or further their education once in the country. However, the illegal immigrants flaunt all these rules thereby making it hard for them to secure employment once in the country. To get a source of livelihood, these immigrants engage in illicit trades such prostitution, drug peddling, and robbery. This leaves the countrys security in a fix since they cannot easily apprehend the culprits as they are not even in the countrys databases. Trade on drugs is a menace in the country accounting for the rise of crime in a mummer of cities. Drug barons use similar entering mechanisms used by illegal immigrants to get their drugs into the country. Furthermore, most of those used by the drug peddle rs to foster their illegal trade are the illegal immigrants who are in most cases stranded and without jobs. They thus do anything to get a living the most common of which is drug peddling. Drug is a menace in America. Addiction results in the incapacitation of American population who could have otherwise worked to earn descent livelihoods for their families. This negatively affects the economy of the country through loss of person-hours and capital as addicts are admitted into rehabilitation schools for the correctional therapies (Levy 132). Illegal entry of persons into the country leads to the rise of corruption which is a vice that affects the integrity of security personnel. Some of the illegal immigrants bribe their way into obtaining legitimate identification papers in the country. Some of these could be